Can Mobile Phones support Education in South Africa?

Mobile phones and their impact on the economies and societies of developing countries has been popular discourse in recent times. The growth of access to mobile phones in Africa has been of particular interest to various actors. There are examples of how mobiles have been used to help market traders in Africa determine prices for their stock, of how health practitioners use them to find and advise patients and there are even examples of mobile phones used for the purposes of monitoring national elections. My research and area of interest is in how mobile phones can support education. I am new to blogging, so I hope to improve the quality of my online contributions over time. I humbly ask that the reader practice patience (and possibly tolerance). I do not intend to bog you down with blogs of statistics about mobile phones, though some may creep in. I do hope that these contributions will invite debate, comments and questions from all who are interested in the eradication of poverty and inequality through education. Below is a copy of  my first attempts to find out more about what teachers in South Africa think about mobile phones (or cell phones as they are called in SA) and their place in Education in South Africa.

*If you are a High School Teacher in South Africa please follow the link to the Survey Competition where you can let me know what your views are about mobile phones and their potential to benefit or stifle education in South Africa.



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